Monday, February 11, 2008

ground pork

Here's a tip:  don't use ground pork.  Well, unless you're making ham loaf, then by all means, use it.  Otherwise, don't waste your time or your money.  I had some ground pork in the freezer to make ham loaf, but the ham I bought was gross (no smell, weird flavor) so I threw it out.  But I had a thawed pound of ground pork... what would you do?  I decided that since ground pork sounded less than appetizing, to make tacos with it.  I figured taco seasoning is pretty strong, and add all of the toppings, you'd never know the difference between ground beef and ground pork.  WRONG.  It was disgusting, and I'm being kind.  My house wreaked (sp?) of a slaughter-house, or what I imagine a slaughter-house would smell like, and the taste.  was.  awful.  Scott was so nice and choked-down 2 tacos.  I barely made it through half.  Yes, I am a picky eater, but Scott?  not at all.  But I knew it had to be pretty bad when I asked Scott how he liked the "tacos"...

Scott:  They're alright, not bad.

Me:  So should I make them again?

Scott:  NO.

Me:  Do you want the leftovers for lunch tomorrow?

Scott:  NO!!!

Fair enough.  The leftovers went down the disposal and there's been a candle burning in my kitchen for 5 hours now, in hopes that tomorrow morning when I come downstairs I won't feel like I have a bunch of hogs living in the kitchen.

So really, take my advice and say NO to ground pork!  Unless you're making hamloaf, but that is the only exception.

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