Saturday, March 14, 2009

pita pockets

I always forget about pita pockets!  Recently I was flipping through a magazine and they had the most delicious-looking salads... in pita pockets.  My mouth couldn't help but water.  And now this summer, when we have salads several times a week, I'm crossing my fingers I remember about pita pockets.  What a great way to make a meal out of a salad.  Perfect!

My favorite was caesar salad in a pita pocket...

  • romaine lettuce

  • grilled chicken (I always marinate my chicken in Trader Joe's dressing)

  • red bell pepper, cut into strips

  • romano cheese, shredded

  • caesar dressing (I use T. Marzetti's)

  • pita bread, warmed, cut in half

Toss all ingredients and spoon into pitas.  Enjoy!


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