Tuesday, June 3, 2008

sweetening fruit (for ice cream)

Extra sugar is usually required when making fruit-flavored ice creams, but the proportion varies, depending on the natural sweetness of each fruit.  Bananas are especially sweet and require no additional sugar.  Raspberries, on the other hand, are extremely tart and require the greatest amount of sugar.

(Fruit... Proportion of fruit to sugar)

Bananas... no added sugar

Apples... 7 to 1

Strawberries... 4 to 1

Peaches... 4 to 1

Plums... 4 to 1

Pineapple... 4 to 1

Apricots... 3 to 1

Blackberries... 3 to 1

Cherries... 3 to 1

Raspberries... 2 to 1

 from Ben & Jerry's kitchen tips


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